Complainant Judy Rice (“Rice”) sued Alamo Rent-A-Car, Inc. (“Alamo”) under the Declaratory Judgments Act. The court granted Alammos` request for a summary decision, which Rice is now appealing. If you decide not to be present for the rental examination, the owner will inspect the vehicle in your absence. In the event of a change in condition greater than the normal wear and tear of the rental vehicle, the owner will inform you and this will be recorded in a written report on the control of the rental. Some special vehicles and larger vehicles may not be available for hire if the tenant or additional driver is under 25 years of age. They must have and present a valid driver`s license in the country where the rent is made. The driver`s licence must have been issued by the relevant authorities at least 12 months before the start of registration. In addition to the normal driver`s licence, an international driver`s licence is required even if the licence is written in a language other than that of the rental country and/or in signs that cannot be read in the rented country.

Please note that the international driver`s licence is only valid if the driver`s licence is normal. The explicit language of the tenancy agreement states that Alamo`s liability insurance applies only to tenants who have “no other valid and collectable insurance.” ? It does not apply to the tenant, such as Rice, who, although given the opportunity, refused to purchase insurance on Alamo and who had a liability policy with the state and county. ? Rice`s own policy provided him with “other valid and collectable insurance,” and as a result, Alammos` self-insurance certificate coverage did not apply. ? Because Rice refused to purchase liability insurance through Alamo under the lease and has its own liability policy, Alamo is not required to defend it in the underlying complaint. At airport sites, U.S. and international debit card tickets are only accepted at the time of rental, if an itinerary is accompanied by a ticket. The name and address in the tenant`s driver`s license must match the current residence address. If you wish to keep the vehicle longer than the lease, you must first contact the nearest location at Alamo St Barth by phone to extend the lease term (depending on the country leased, this may require you to personally visit an Alamo St Barth site). Any use of the vehicle that could harm Alamo St Barth allows Alamo St Barth to automatically terminate the lease with immediate effect.