A big thank you to all of you who supported our Xmas bag pack fundraiser at Tesco in Hull on the last weekend before Xmas.  We raised a staggering £760!

Pictured are the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts who did all the hard work, but a special thank you must also go to the Parents who gave their support to make it all possible.  Please do try and support our fundraising activities, we cannot run the Group without them, Subs do not cover the costs!

The group were presented with the proceeds by Hull St. Stephens Store manager Mark Collins.

A big thank you to him and Tesco for not only allowing us into the Store, but also providing us with a Lunch as well.

Tesco Bag Pack 25 Sept 2010

Well done to everyone who helped raise funds at the Tesco Bag Pack on 25 September.  Thanks especially to the Parents who turned out for us.  These bag packs are an important part of our fundraising and help to not only provide equipment etc, but also enable us to subsidise Camps and keep weekly Subs at their current low rate.  We raised £383 today, but could raise a lot more with the full support of all Parents and Sections.  Thanks to Paul for arranging everything for us and providing a great lunch and thank you Tesco!

Inkjet Cartridge Recycling *Update*

This afternoon I spent an hour or so sorting through the inkjet cartridges that have been donated to us for raising funds through recycling (cash for old rubbish!).  By using a selection of carefully selected recycling partners we maximise the value of each cartridge by sending each off the the most profitable partner. 

Imagine my surprise when I totalled up the value of the cartridges to be £105.85.  This is a very good way that we can raise funds for our group.  The payment for cartridges varies from 10p to £4.50 (yes for an empty cartridge!).

If you have some empty cartridges that you could donate to us for recycling, they can be left in the following places:
•Gilberdyke Newsagents collect on our behalf
•The collection box in the Scout Hut entrance hall
•or contact us and we can arrange to pick up a quantity. (

We are able to recycle Cannon, Dell, HP and Lexmark inkjet cartridges.  Unfortunately we are not able to recycle and Epson, Kodak and Brother cartridges.  If you have a different manufacturer’s cartridge which is not listed please let me know and I will determine if we can recycle it. 

Thanks for your support with our fundraising efforts.

Peter Colley.
Scout Leader.