We are always ready to welcome new adult volunteers to the group be it as a Leader, Helper or to help with the running of our building by being an Executive Committee Member. We also welcome help on a “one-off” basis. If you feel you can offer a little of your time to help us provide a valuable resource for the young people of Gilberdyke and the surrounding villages please do not hesitate to contact us!


We would be particularly interested in volunteers who can contribute to the running of the group in the following ways:

Cleaning – volunteers for a hour or two each week during term time to help keep the headquarters building looking spic and span.  Time would be to suit individual(s).

Fundraising – we have ongoing fund raising efforts coordinated by out Executive Committee. 

Equipment – we have a lot of camping and other equipment and keeping on top of it all is an ongoing challenge.  Volunteers are needed to help with the preparation and maintenance of our camping equipment.

Specialist Services – Builders, Electricians, Gas Plumbers and the like are all regular attendees when we need jobs doing.  These professional services can cost a lot of money, which in turn has to be fund raised.  Donation of TIME from such specialists would be very welcome.

Adult Helpers – where would we be without our regular adult helpers at each section meeting?  Certainly not in a good place!  We always need additional adult help beit on a regular weekly basis to assist with the running of each sections meetings or on a more ad-hoc basis to assist with one off events and activities.

If you are interested in volunteering your time to help with any of the above, or feel you can help in ways not mentioned please contact us and let us know.  Either contact the relevent section leader or our Group Scout Leader, Barbara (barbara.simpson@gilberdyke.net).

Peter Colley