St George’s Day Celebrations

Unfortunately the celebrations planned for tomorrow (21/4/12) have been cancelled owing to the recent weather and the field being waterlogged.

Peter Colley.
Scout Leader.

Subs / Adult Helpers

March 2012

Dear Parents,


From next term it will be necessary to raise the weekly subs (subscription fee) that is charged.  The raise has been kept to a minimum and will be as follows:

Beavers: £2.50
Cubs and Scouts: £3.50

Missed weeks will be charged at a reduced fee of £2.00.  If your child misses 3 consecutive meetings their place will be given away to a child on the waiting list, unless otherwise agreed with the section leader.

Subs will still be collected weekly.

Adult Helpers

We are hoping to recruit some volunteer adult helpers for the beaver and scout sections.  Volunteering can be rewarding and gives opportunity for as much or as little commitment as each individual wants.  There are opportunities (though not mandatory) to attend a variety of training courses and to learn new transferable skills that employers often value when presented on a C.V.  If you are interested in volunteering to work with us providing learning and social experiences for the young people please contact our Group Scout Leader (Barbara) or myself.

Thank you,

Peter Colley.
Scout Leader / Scout Executive Committee.
07779412114 /

District Beaver Fun Day


On the 26th of June Gilberdyke beavers met at our scout hut and we went to Tablers Wood near Snaith.  We were all given name tags and met up with other beavers from our district.  We stood around the flag pole and had opening ceremony .

Then we got with a partner and stood in a line and then we were all split up up into 11 groups so we mixed with beavers from other groups.  Then we went to do our activities towards our outdoor challenge badge.

1.  Icing tracking signs on a biscuit

2.  Cookink marshmallows on sticks over candles.

3.  Parachute games.

4.  Face painting.

5.  Assault course

6.  Pioneering.

7.  Treasure hunt, looking for 30 containers of stones.

8.  Finding leaves.

9.  Circus skills.

10 . Put up a tent and take it down.

11.  Knot tying

12.  Tug of war.

We were allowed cold drinks all day because it was a very hot day.

Then it was time for tea we all had to take a healthy packed tea.  Gilberdyke beavers and leaders all sat together under a tree in the shade to eat our teas.  After tea we all put jumpers on and we went into camp fire circle.

All the groups took it in turns to sing a song we sang I’m a little Beaver, short and stout, here’s my tail and here’s my snout, if you pull my tail, then you’ll hear me shout, hey im a little beaver cut that out.

We all had a fantastic day of fun and all the beavers achieved their outdoor challenge badge.