• Way down South where bananas grow
    A monkey stood on an elephant’s toe
    The elephant cried, with tears in his eyes
    “Pick on someone your own size!”
  • Boom, boom, do you wanna be crazy?
    Boom, boom, do you wanna be nuts lilke me?
    Giddy and foolish the whole day long
    Boom, boom, do you wanna be crazy?
  • A horsey and flea and three blind mice
    Sat on a toadstool shooting dice
    The horsey slipped and fell on the flea
    “Whoops,” said the flea, “There’s a horsey on me!”
  • Way up North where there’s ice and snow
    There lived a penguin and his name was Joe
    He got so tired of black and white
    He wore pink slacks to the dance last night!
  • Eli, Eli, he sells socks
    A dollar a pair and a nickel a box
    The more you wear ’em the better they get
    If put ’em in the water they won’t get wet!
  • I took myself to the picture show
    Sat by myself on the very last row
    I wrapped my arms around my waist
    I got so fresh I slapped my face!
  • Author: Unknown.

(Possibley Ewans favourite song!)

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