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PGL 2013 is nearly here!

Ok, so where has the year gone so far? I can hardly believe it’s now August and PGL camp is nearly here! Get you kit lists out and start your packing as we will soon be off on the adventure!

Scout Leader.

Scouts Ice Skating

Dear Parents,

The Scouts have asked to go Ice Skating for their Christmas Party.  On Friday 14 December we will meet at Hull Ice Area entrance at 7pm.  The Scouts will need picking up at 9.30pm please.  It is a public Disco session and those Scouts that wish, may wear fancy dress – but it must be appropriate for ice skating or they will not be allowed onto the ice by the marshals!  Scout neckers must we worn.

The cost will be £4 per child.

I need to confirm numbers to the Arena so please send the reply slip below and payment NEXT week to the regular scout meeting.

Each Scout will need a Coat and Gloves. A hat might be a good idea.  Scouts may like to bring pocket money for drinks and snacks from the cafe.

Please return the slip below with your child next week.


Peter Colley, Scout Leader. 07779412114


Name: _______________________________will be attending the Ice Skating Session on 14 December.

During the session I can be contacted on the following number: ________________________________

Signed: ______________________________________   Date: _____________________________