Each year the group runs several weekends away where the young people are taken on camping trips.  The format of the camp changes for each one as does the location.  Activities are arranged to fit in with the Scouting programme and may involve gaining attainment badges upon completion of the camp.  Periodically the group arranges joint camps with other groups and family camps where the whole family are encouraged to attend.


A cub camp is often the first experience a young person will have of camping and for some it is the first experience of being away from home without their parents.  Therefore it can be a worrying experience at first for both the young person and their parents and it is therefore important that any concerns are raised with a leader at the earliest opportunity.  We have many years of experience of taking young people on camping trips and often a quick chat can resolve almost all concerns.  In our experience those who come on camp have many exciting tales to tell their parents and cannot wait for the next experience to be organised.


Camps are held at a variety of locations depending on the activity being undertaken.  We have held camps recently at Hesley Wood in Sheffield (outdoor activities), Tablers Wood in East Cowick (district campsite) and at our own HQ in Gilberdyke.  Whilst you might think that camping at our own HQ is a little boring it is the best site we have found to do certain activity badges, owing to the quality and size of the grass field.  With the exception of the Sheffield camp, which needs the facilities offered by Hesley Wood, camps are more about activities and people than location!


Young people are given a kit list of equipment which must be brought to camp.  This list is almost exclusively personal items and clothing that they will need in order to enjoy the camp to its maximum potential.  We ask that parents take time to review the list and make sure their child has all of the equipment listed.  Failure to have the correct equipment may result in a child not being able to undertake an activity (the link between an activity and kit list is not always obvious!).  If it is not possible for specific items to be supplied please notify a leader with as much notice as possible.

Your child will not need to provide their own tent.  We have a large amount of camping equipment.  Our tents vary in size from 2 man to 6 man and we usually have a range of sizes on camp.  Your child will be accomodated on most occasions in a 6 man tent with 3 to 5 other children of the same sex.  Occasionally a smaller tent may be utilised for a smaller number of occupants.  The tents are modern nylon styles with sewn in ground sheets. However your child will need a carry mat, pillow and sleeping bag.  We advise 2 season mummy type hooded bags to ensure your child will not be cold during the night.  You may wish to send your child with an airbed, however it is not always possible to accomodate these in the tents owing to space restrictions and we would ask that you disucuss this beforehand.  The “play” airbed type with built in sleeping bag IS NOT PERMITTED on camp as it does not provide any kind of insulation should the weather become cold.  If you would like further advice about sleeping bags etc, please ask us.

All items of your childs equipment should be clearly named.  This is a requirement and believe me when you have a pile of 6 pairs of unnamed pants in the lost property non EVER get claimed!  Equipment should be packed in a rucksack type bag.  Where this is not possible a sports holdall is preferable.  SUITCASES (whether wheeled or not) are not permitted.

Sweets and Snacks

We usually permit children to bring sweets or snacks on camp with them.  These should be placed into a plastic bag and named.  The bag must be handed in when the child arrives on camp and not put into their luggage or the tent.  There will be periods on the camp when there will be breaks for own sweets and snacks.  For no reason must food or drink be taken into the tents – this is not because we are mean or want to avoid cleaning the tents – it is because VERMIN may enter the tent IF there is food in there. 

Food / Camp Menu

Each camp has a varied menu but one thing is for sure – we never stop eating on camp.  This is because we want to make sure that your child has enough to eat and has enough energy to undertake the activities we have planned.  Camp menus comprise Breakfast (cereals & cooked breakfast), Lunch (usually sandwiches/light), Dinner (cooked and pudding!), Supper and Hot chocolate with additional breaks for drinks, cake and biscuits mid morning and mid afternoon – 6 meals a day you might say.

If your child has special dietary requirements please let us know in advance and make sure this is documented on the permission form.

Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones are not permitted on Cub Camp and strongly discouraged on Scout Camp.  If your child needs to call you we will let them use one of our phones.  If you need to contact your child you can ring the camp leader.  In our experience mobile phones cause disruption and fights and can easily be damaged when sleeping in tents.

High Value Electronic Goods

Children love their DS, or other electronic console and some want to bring them.  Similar to mobile phones they are easily damaged when sleeping in tents.  Also there will be little opportunity for your child to use the device.  Our preference is that high value items are left at home.  In the event they are brought to camp it is done so at your own risk.  On no account can we be held responsible for any loss or breakage, howsoever caused.  Our advice is to leave them at home!

Other questions

If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to contact a leader, send us an email, or add a comment to the bottom of this page (you will need to be registered and logged in!).


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