Volume Licensing Dis-Service Center We`ve all let it go at some point, a planned upgrade isn`t going as well and you have no choice but to reset the way it`s been while you`re evaluating what went wrong and planning the next steps. Unfortunately, it seems that if you don`t apply Microsoft with a case back position. Due to a project to move the functional but dated eOpen portal to the new brilliant volume quality service center, customers were unable to access their licenses on weekends. Something clearly didn`t go as planned, since the new site issued an error message on a regular basis until Wednesday morning. Unfortunately, just because the site was again above did not mean that all the problems were solved. At the time of writing, Microsoft Open License customers cannot add new agreements and therefore cannot receive product or download software for them, so these agreements are not respected. The only known way around the problems is to contact Worldwide Fulfillment and send free physical media. That sounds good, but if your inventory system displays just a copy of the product you need, then you can`t get it for 10 business days. A little trouble to each other! Microsoft no longer gives open business contract providers the ability to send media, which means it is either online or WW Fulfillment, but open value agreements can continue to access media through the provider. According to one of Microsoft`s licensing experts at CDW, it should not be necessary to add new agreements to the VLSC, as this should be done automatically when purchasing. This is not how the real site seems to work, there is some place to add open license agreements, it just doesn`t work, a fact confirmed by Nick, Raoul and Hector. Several Google searches bring nothing to this subject, except an article on tonymackelworth.wordpress.com/2009/10/29/eopen-replaced-with-volume-license-service-centre-vlsc, which is dated October 29. I may be the only Microsoft customer trying to install and make operational a product I bought, but I know that`s not the case, because the message for the Support Center has been changed to reflect unusual downtime.

I suggest you call the help centre, but the number is now overloaded. Believe me, it`s for the best – I already have about 5 hours of downtime this week, and their hold-music isn`t that good. After a five-day ban, it degenerated into a superior at the assistance centre. I now have great visibility, which should mean email updates. He also pulled the account and apparently did something, since I just received three emails that gave me additional permissions. While I was on the phone, I also received a notification that my media were delivered, so now the race is on to see who can get this problem first.