B. Arbitration procedure: If you and LifeLock fail to reach a debt settlement agreement within 30 days of receiving the notification of the claim, you or LifeLock can initiate arbitration proceedings (or, incidental, file a claim in a small court). Click on the License Agreement link to read and accept the terms of the license agreement. Neither these terms of use nor the rights of this framework can be transferred to you in whole or in part without our prior written permission. Any transfer presumed without this authorization is invalid. The waiver of our rights under these terms of service must be made in writing, signed by LifeLock, and such a waiver is not considered a waiver of a future breach of these terms of service. If it turns out that some of these terms of use are illegal or unenforceable, that part will be separated from these Terms of Use and the other Terms will be applied separately. Their use of the Services must comply at all times with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. These Terms of Use and all documents included in these Terms of Use are the comprehensive agreement between the parties regarding this purpose and replace any prior or simultaneous or simultaneous or additional notification, negotiation or agreement with respect to this purpose. Our inability to impose any of these terms of service is not a waiver of that clause or right. Property rights, disclaimer, insurance, compensation, liability limitations and general provisions remain beyond the termination of these Terms of Use.

These Terms of Use apply exclusively and exclusively between you and LifeLock, and you acknowledge and acknowledge that (i) no third party, including a third party of LifeLock, is a party to these Terms and (ii) no third party, including a third party of LifeLock, commits you or is not required to do so under these Terms of Use. In order to use your Norton product, you must first accept the licensing and service agreement. The end-user license or license agreement is a legal document containing information about limiting the disclosure or use of the software, users` rights to the software and other terms. The terms and conditions apply to users registered with the Privacy Monitor service. Open source software. Some products may contain open source software that is subject to the corresponding open source license. To request a copy of the open source software for your licensed product pursuant to the corresponding open source license, please send an email request to opensource@nortonlifelock.com, including your full name; Your country of residence The name of the product Product number (if available) Product software version and operating system (if any); Reseller, dealer or other supplier from whom you purchased the product And the place and date of purchase. Upon receipt, we can process your request immediately in accordance with the current open source license. If you have a signed contract (“Signed Contract”) that regulates the use of products or services that we or an authorized partner has purchased, the signed agreement will apply. If you do not have a signed agreement, the use of the products and services is carried out in accordance with the published terms and conditions.