4. Goal. The sole purpose of the partnership is to invest the partnership`s assets exclusively in equities, bonds and other securities (“securities”) for training purposes and for the benefit of partners. 11. Books of accounts. The partnership transaction accounts are up-to-date and available at any time and can be verified and verified by each partner. bank account. The partnership can select a bank for the purpose of opening a bank account. Funds from the bank account are withdrawn through cheques signed by each partner designated by the partnership as part of the club`s operational procedures. The company pays the partner who withdraws the requested part of its capital account, subject to the following constraints in the event of a complete withdrawal: management.

Each partner participates in the management and implementation of the partnership`s business. Decisions are taken by the majority of partners (each partner has one vote) in the presence of a meeting, unless a special request for a vote is made on the basis of proportional ownership. 16-B. Withdrawal of a partner. Each partner can be withdrawn by the agreement of two-thirds of the kompleh company. The written opinion of a meeting considering the withdrawal of a partner contains a specific reference to this issue. The distance comes into effect with the payment of the value of the remote partner`s capital account, which is made in accordance with the provisions for the complete revocation of a partner mentioned in points 18 and 20. The voting action is considered after receiving the request for revocation. Second name.

The name of the partnership is tiger Investment Group. Your agreement should briefly indicate who the parties are and whether they have an authorized representative, especially if your contract is between two companies. Treat the role of each party at the beginning of the contract. If you sign z.B an agreement with your business partner in which you agree that they manage your investments, note that the agreement exists between two business partners, one of whom is the investment manager. Investment partnership agreements are not a single group of agreements. Instead, they may include partnership agreements for investment firms, general investment agreements or contracts that require a counterparty to manage a company`s investments. Whatever your goal, a good agreement has a clear language that addresses and plans unexpected risks and developments. 17.

Ending the partnership. The partnership can be terminated by the agreement of two-thirds of the costs. The written announcement of the joint message to end the partnership contains a particular reference to this issue. The partnership ends with a two-thirds majority of all shareholders. The decision to terminate the partnership is notified in writing to all co-guests.