“With respect to COVID relief, the agreement contains a version of my proposal to expand the Employee Tax Credit and ensures that the intent of Congress is followed and that small businesses are able to deduct expenses covered by the Paycheck Protection Program. I raised this issue with Minister Mnuchin and introduced legislation in May to address this issue, and to do that will be a great relief for small businesses in Oregon and across the country. We are working on these provisions in the coming days. In March 2002, when the Senate was unable to reach agreement on a law to review U.S. election procedures, Wyden said the law was “not a corpse” and did not have to affect e-mail voting systems in Oregon and Washington. [23] “The agreement expands and expands tax incentives for clean energy, which have led us decisively towards a low-carbon economy. It is important to preserve solar and wind energy interruptions and to encourage a more energy-efficient building. A comprehensive reform of the provisions of the energy code is necessary to promote our dependence on wholesale oil, but we cannot take the risk of going backwards if considerable progress has been made in this regard. Wyden supports free trade; While in the House of Representatives, he voted in favor of the North American Free Trade Agreement and went on to support many trade deals in the Senate as one of the few Democrats to vote in favor of the free trade agreement with Central America. However, he voted against free trade agreements with Chile, Singapore and Demoman.

“Our agreement deals with the tax rules that are coming to an end and that are crucial for families, small businesses and our clean energy future.” A significant benefit to consumers will exempt the cancellation of mortgage debt for a new five-year period. The agreement also extends tax credits for new markets and employment opportunities by five years to stimulate investment in low-income municipalities and the hiring of workers who have struggled to find well-paying jobs. Wyden was one of 23 senators who voted against authorizing military force in Iraq in 2002. In 2003, Mr. Wyden voted to ban the excessive foreign operations of members of the National Guard and National Reserve. In 2006, Wyden was one of 13 senators who voted to request the transfer of U.S. forces from Iraq by July 2007 and was one of 39 senators who voted to ask the president to begin withdrawing troops from Iraq and set a timetable for withdrawal. Wyden also voted many other times in favour of the withdrawal of combat troops from Iraq, against the financing of the war without binding deadlines and against the creation of permanent military bases in Iraq. Wyden also opposed President Obama`s plan for a “troop deployment” in Afghanistan in 2009.

[50] [51] The American video game company Activision Blizzard has punished a Hong Kong-based professional gambler for supporting democratic protests in Hong Kong. [82] Many felt that Blizzard was cautious about the potential impact of the Chinese government, which censored any support for the Hong Kong protests. Wyden accused Blizzard of censorship and tweeted: “Blizzard shows it is willing to humiliate itself to please the Chinese Communist Party. No U.S. company should censor freedom demands to make money quickly. [83] In August 2018, after the White House banned CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins from covering an open press event after repeatedly questioning President Trump about his relationship with his former lawyer Michael Cohen,[46] Wyden backed a resolution calling on ErTrump to respect the press. [47] Wyden`s office questioned the CIA`s covert operation, Timber Sycamore, to train and arm Syrian rebels, and issued a statement that “the United States is trying to develop the capabilities of the anti-Assad opposition on the battlefield, but it has not provided details to the