Among the 500 most visited websites that use sign-in-wrap agreements in September 2018[7] The right to terminate the contract at any time without notice is reserved. The rightful termination applies in particular where the user violates one of the provisions of this user contract or the existing data protection legislation. In the event of inappropriate use, GlobalRecom AG may also permanently block the user`s access to GLOBALRECOM or introduce globalRECOM restrictions on the functions to which the user can access and/or delete data entered by the user. Users are solely responsible for all documents, whether publicly posted or privately transferred, who download, publish, send, email, transfer or make other information (“User Content”) available. Neither the Linux Foundation nor any of its members are responsible for complaints arising from the user`s content. You guarantee that you have all the rights necessary to provide the user`s content in accordance with these Terms and all applicable laws or regulations. Some Linux Foundation working groups or other projects hosted by the Linux Foundation may have license terms or contributing agreements specific to the working group or project, which require users to sign an agreement (for example. B a Contributor Agreement) that assigns rights and/or licensing rights in bids to this working group or project. In all of these cases and in the event of a conflict, these conditions of licence or agreements prevail over these terms of use. With regard to the content of users who are not subject to other working groups or project-specific terms or agreements, you agree that the following non-exclusive, irrevocable and free global licenses apply: A few last but important points. First, these terms represent the entire agreement between you and Evernote and regulate your use of the service, except for and only to the extent that you have a separate agreement.

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