Celebrity couple Somizi Mhlongo and his fiancee Mohale Motaung have publicly announced their intention to go through the process of a regular marriage that will precede Lobola`s negotiations. In South Africa, where Lobola`s custom is widespread, the union was once entered into under customary law, but is now governed in 1998 (Law 120 of 1998) (RCMA)[1] and has the following conditions to qualify a marriage under customary law: I sat in Lobola negotiations. As an uncle, I had to negotiate a lot of Lobola agreements. “As far as critics are concerned, as Africans, we are infamous for not documenting our history, customs and traditions. The draft agreement helps to ensure that this critical part of Africa is properly accounted for. This is the opposite of the delay of African customs,” says Mahlangu. Traditionalists and cultural experts have misunderstood the issue of the draft agreement. By finding them innovative and unifying them, I am not trying to replace any part of the tradition. On the contrary, I deal with the documentation process. The agreement is intended to protect both parties after negotiations have concluded. The agreement contains a standard document that is designed as a wedding invitation or program. Entrepreneur Jabulani Mahlangu is the creator of a new legally binding lobola contract document that is now sold in select Shoprite and USave store stores. The negotiation of Lobola is one of the important customs where the bride-to-be`s family receives money and gifts from the groom-to-be. Plan to get married and feel intimidated by all the twists and turns of traditional arrangements.

Don`t worry anymore, because there is only R99 that you can buy a chord from Lobola. The legally binding document helps families who are negotiating lobola to ensure that all details are recorded. Courtesy #DStv403 “I think it`s a brilliant idea to address some of the problems that have been going on in the Lobola negotiations. It is sad that some people are opposed to positive change – the proposal makes the agreement more affordable, more accessible and protects all parties involved. The agreement also contains columns on the date and location of the negotiations, the amount of the amount to be paid, the amount and date of payment of the outstanding amount, and other conditions agreed upon by the family representatives. Don`t worry anymore, because there is only R99.00 that you can buy a Lobola deal. Lobola`s negotiation agreement for marriage is the idea of businessman Jabulani Mahlangu. The document is in partnership with Hortors Stationery, which manufactures and provides legal publications, forms, books and communications. Inspired by legal disputes over marital rights in ordinary marriages, an entrepreneur produced a Lobola document sold in supermarkets. The social activist and entrepreneur wants to renew the tradition of Lobola`s negotiations by establishing a standardized model of agreement to address what he calls “customs defects” – and the large number of usual marital cases that end up in court for lobola`s poorly written agreements. According to Mr. Mahlangu, the pre-packaged four-page model is not only easy to use, but also a step in the right direction, as it is legally available.

There are too many letters from Lobola that are rejected by the courts because they are insufficient. Is the agreement adapted to a fluid society and how does Mahlangu react to critics who see these developments as a delay in an African heritage that has remained unchanged for centuries? “Every time we negotiate with different families, someone had to register the agreement between the parties.