In most cases, a five-year fixed-term lease is offered to all new tenants after a one-year rent has been signed. There are different types of rentals. Some offer the tenant more rights than others, and most people have one of three types: the type of lease you have is described in your rental agreement. Below are some examples of the types of rentals we offer. Some real estate properties of housing companies can be purchased as part of the right to sell. Your home must be: your fixed-term lease is very important because it defines your legal rights and obligations as a tenant and ours as a landlord. It is really important that you tell us if you have any problems with your rental agreement as soon as possible, so that we can try to help you solve the problem or get the right help. Sometimes this can lead to making recommendations to other organizations that are better able to help and support them. If your original lease is not a common lease, you can establish a common fixed-term tenancy period when registering on a fixed term if you are married or have a life partnership or have lived in the property with your partner for at least nine months. If someone takes over your lease by succession or order, they will take care of it for the rest of the time remaining. After that, we will check whether they still need the property before deciding whether or not we offer them a new fixed-term lease.

As of April 1, 2020, your water charges will no longer be collected under your lease. Please continue with your current payment terms, as your landlord must collect your water costs until March 31. If you wish to leave the building before the end of your temporary tenancy, you must inform us in writing. If you have a common lease, then you must accept both and sign the letter informing us that you want to leave. In most cases, we will agree with you if you resign four weeks in advance, if you have a clear rental account and you leave the property (and garden) in good condition. If you plan to move before the end of your lease, you should contact us. If the lease is a guaranteed short-term lease of two years or less, you cannot inherit the lease. If you moved into the property before January 15, 1989, you may have a regulated or protected lease.