Other costly problems could be complex problems in your own affairs, or those of your family, Barger said. Q: What about the necessary marriages? What`s going on here? -> Since 1998, South Africa has officially recognized marriages contracted by customary ceremonies. The Recognition of Customary Marriages Act of 1998 recognizes monogamous and polygamous marriages and grants them the same recognition as civil marriage, subject to the ceremony in accordance with the law. If neither spouse is already married, then the usual marriage is considered “co-ownership” (like all the others!), unless the parties sign an antenuptial contract before the usual ceremony. Q: Is it the same as a prenup? -> A prenuptial or “prenuptial” agreement is a term that has been popularized in pop culture and generally refers to a marriage contract in the United States of America. In essence, it is both a marriage contract and an implied agreement, the way assets and commitments are treated between you two as a couple and between you and third parties, so you could consider them as the same. Q: Can we change our marriage system after we get married? -> Yes, you can do it – but the sooner the better! To change your marital plan, you must apply for a high court (known as a post-up). This trial includes a High Court application with insurance, lawyers and lawyers. In addition, you would bear the cost of the entire process, which is more than 30,000.00 R excluding VAT. Our service model will help you conclude your contract efficiently and cheaply.

With the support of experienced lawyers, we offer you a complete service, including the preparation, notatier and registration of your registration contract. In addition, the cost of registering a contract with the Deeds Office at this stage is a fixed price of R400. This means that no cancellation contract is actually free. The costs of antenuptial contracts in South Africa vary, but Van Deventer and Van Deventer Inc. lawyers at Sandton offer full services at an all-inclusive price. Contact Van Deventer – Van Deventer Incorporated for your entrepreneurship contract. In addition to the fact that we are all unique, it is essential that you understand all the implications of the terms used in the antenuptial contract model. This can only be done with the help of a lawyer who is available to you when developing a cancellation contract for you and your spouse. Please don`t be stressed by decisions about your marriage plan and your marriage contract. Help us make sure you`ve chosen the best marital plan for you, and help relieve the stress of developing and submitting your cancellation contract! Q: Do you have to choose before you get married? -> Probably the most important question that is usually asked, and the answer is a resounding yes, you must decide with certainty which marital regime you want to govern your marriage before you are really married. You must sign the antenuptial contract before the marriage, and your lawyer must take steps to ensure that the Antenuptial contract is registered with the relevant Deeds Office.

Keep in mind that your antenuptial contract must be signed before the civil registration ceremony (whether at Home Affairs, in court or at your actual wedding ceremony). You can`t get married in court and decide to sign an antenuptial contract 3 months later, because that`s when your main party/party is scheduled. But in addition to the situation, there are a number of other factors that can affect the cost of a prenup.