Hrithik said it was his wife at the time, Sussane, who pushed him to make this film and convinced him to make this film. Therefore, his name appears in the receipts at the beginning. Yes! she was certainly unleashing herself in the short wig…. I knew she would fall in love with him!… Heheeehee. This film was born at a time when women must be seen, but not heard. It allows me to miss the sexist message. Welding. I enjoyed the evaluation as if I had seen it myself…. Wait till you see more. Educated, traveled, intelligent, prosperous, and a businesswoman Mala Mathur wants to marry a man who can take care of household chores while she works.

Her uncle, Mr. Mathur, mocks this idea and tells him that she will never find a husband in this way. Mala advertises in newspapers and receives a lot of responses. She decides to marry a young man named Shekar Sinha, poor, unemployed and ready to commit to his duties. Before the wedding, Shekar is asked to sign an agreement, no matter what he does. This is how marriage begins, which is not really a marriage, but an employment contract concluded after one year. The question is whether Shekar can survive a year, especially if he doesn`t know how to cook meals for his rich “wife”. Written by rAjOo ( Agreement is a very entertaining comedy starring Rekha, Utpal Dutta and Shailendra Singh. It is a fast and moving film with many events that go to the life of Mala Mathur (Rekha) and Shekhar (Shailendra Singh). Mala is trained abroad, experienced and has a modernist vision of the role of women in marriage and challenges the elder uncle Mr. Mathur (Utpal Dutta) to prove his point of view. The fact was that she will choose a man who will be like a servant and a cook to her, and she will find many candidates to do this job.

Director Anil Ganguly has done a commendable job in creating the hilarious circumstances surrounding the terms of the agreement signed by Mala and Shekhar. After all, Mala and Shekhar develop a romantic relationship and things end as planned. The whole film is about Rekha, who showed very well her acting skills, especially as a fashionr woman trained abroad in Western dresses and hairstyle. It is hard to imagine that the same Rekha played the immortal role of Umrao Jaan. She`s just a wonderful actress. The film will keep you glued to events and it`s definitely an artist. I gave him eight out of ten.