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no halloween party

The Halloween Party has been cancelled as it clashes with the school’s party, so THERE IS NO CUBS MEETING on 20 October. See you all at 6.30pm on 3 November for the joint Bonfire Night. John

cubs homework web sites

just for you mrs d here are the homework links and the question sheet.

Global Challenge Badge Work.

Go to the web pages at the addresses below to find out about the work of the Charities WATER AID and SAVE THE CHILDREN, then answer ALL of the questions.




How many people in the world do not have access to safe water? 884 million

What is the average amount of WATER used by someone in EUROPE every day?

How much WATER does a person in a DEVELOPING country use by comparison?

How much of the Earth’s WATER is SALT water?

What is the weight of WATER a woman will commonly carry on her head in Africa or Asia?




In Ethiopia how many children under 5 are severely malnourished?

How long has SAVE THE CHILDREN been present in Ethiopia?

How much does it cost to buy one sachet of oral rehydration salts for a malnourished child?

How long will £30 feed a family of five for in Ethiopia?

Which parts of the country have been hardest hit by the failure of the rains this year?