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Gilberdyke Scouts invade Whitby

Scouts Arrive in Whitby

Scouts Arrive in Whitby

On Saturday 16 July Gilberdyke Scouts enjoyed a trip to Whitby for a fun packed adventure day.  Leaving Gilberdyke at 8.00 sharp we travelled to Whitby in a minibus supplied by South Cave Car and Van Hire.  Arriving in Whitby the weather was foul, but with un-dampened spirts, the Scouts spent a fantastic time in the Whitby Wizzard science museum.

This quirky museum is excellent and very entertaining for kids of all ages and is a fantastic place to take children to learn about the world around them and perhaps develop an interest in science.  The museum is the creation of its proprietor, Dag, who (having a wealth of world experience as a seaman, journalist, bush pilot, meteorologist and teacher) is a very friendly and interesting gentleman who was very happy to show the Scouts the exhibits.

The weather showed little sign of improvement, so the Scouts sought shelter in the minibus for a lunchtime picnic, following which they adventured past the Whitby Whale Bones, down the Kyber Pass towards Whitby Town Centre.  The orginal plan had been to take a trip on the old Whitby Lifeboat but owing to weather conditions this was not running and instead a trip on the Esk Belle was the order of the day.  Those Scouts that were a little more vigilent managed to spot a pod of porpoises gently swimming to the port side of the boat.

Esk Belle

Esk Belle

Next on the agenda was a trip to the East side of Whitby and a challenge for the Scouts:  Climb the steps to the Church counting them on the way and whilst at the top explore the graveyard and take photos of 5 interesting grave stones.  Eagerly the Scouts set off up the steps and 199 steps later were just as eager to explore round the Church.

Whitby Tourist centre has 2 self-directed walking route books available (the East side and the West side of the Town).  The Scouts divided into groups, chose a walk, and set off on a self-guided exploration to discover the Town.  The heavens opened and one group’s map disintegrated.  Using tracking, navigation and orientation skills the group retraced their steps to the starting point where a new map was issued!  Another group took shelter in an Art Gallery and perhaps exited more cultured than they previously were on entry?

The Scouts were keen for 2 more activities, Amusements and a dip in the sea – curiously no-one appeared to be bothered about some Tea!  The dip in the sea did not look promising, but after a short stint in the Amusement Arcade and an excellent tea from the Pier Road Fish and Chip shop the weather was kinder as the sun came out and the temperature soared (yes, at 6.00pm).  The Scouts got their wish and a trip to the beach for a paddle in the sea was the finale of the day.

On the way back to the minibus car park our adventure continued as an ice cream van crossed our path.  The sun still being hot, a more perfect opportunity for an ice cream could not have been presented.  Everybody enjoyed a 99 cone, some scouts topped theirs with “Dracula’s Blood”, the more squeamish with blueberry sauce and the really crazy Scouts had BOTH!

Ice creams over, a climb back up the Kyber Pass to a short pause to look back over the bay in the evening sunshine, we left Whitby for the journey home.

Scouts leave a sunny Whitby

Scouts leave a sunny Whitby

The Scouts and the accompanying adults had a great time visiting Whitby and I would like to thank Debbie, Ken, Linda and Fiona for supporting the trip and giving up their Saturday to take part.  Most of all I would like to offer my thanks to the young people who attended the trip for making it such an enjoyable experience for the adults; with excellent behaviour, team work and a commitment to having fun.

Peter Colley.

Scout Leader Gilberdyke.

Scouts Whitby Trip Reminder

Scouts, remember we are on our way to Whitby this Saturday!  Please make sure you remember to bring everything on your kit list (sent with the letter to your parents).

Lets hope we are lucky with the weather!


Scout Leader.

Cubs Pirate Camp

Well, what a fantastic weekend we just had.  Sun soaked, wet and wild.

Cannons, flags and chocolate treasure chests were the order of the day.  Rig the main sail me hearties!

The weekend started with a Hike on Friday evening as we enjoyed the sunset on sultry country lanes and waved at the trains as we crossed the lines.

Gilberdyke was invaded by friendly Pirates who were cheered on by rum soaked land lubbers at the local ale house.

Sunny saturday was started with the Captain and First Mate supervising the Crew cooking breakfast over a raging fire, then flogging the scurvy stowaways into washing up.

Those who survived forty lashes were forced into flag making and face painting, followed by making the Pirates’ deadly daggers and jet black hats.

All pirates love water and ours were no exception, so it was all hands on deck for fun in the sun and a good soaking in the new pools bought specially for the camp.

A jolly old battle ensued with water filled cannon balls exploding everywhere.  Then it was time to dress up, something the Leaders always look forward to.

No evening is complete without a drunken sing song, so we loaded up on stiff blackcurrant and orange, set fire to a nearby ship and scared the native population with our raucous chanting.  The compulsory game that cannot be named completed our outdoor activities for the day and we went below decks to watch our fellow pirates adventures on dvd.