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Leconfield Trip Report.

Well, what a great night we had at Leconfield!

In the Hangar

An exciting mix of education, fun and games and a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet the RAF lads who crew the Sea King Search and Rescue helicopters.

Is that a ray Gun, no a Foam Gun

After a briefing, interrupted by a genuine call out half way through, we went to see the Fire Engine on the landing pad. Is that a Ray Gun? No, a foam gun!

We had an encounter with the Jaws of Life and a quick Radio Check, then on to the Hangar and a guided tour of the Sea King.

Jaws of Life

Fire 1 to Control...over

The excitement was added to as the Sea King on call out returned to Base and landed just metres away from us and the Pilot came into the Hangar to see us again.

mission accomplished

Thanks to all at the Base who gave us a great evening and thanks to all the Parents for their support and a massive thank you to Sgt. Mark Cotton and “Jeffers” for making it all possible!

Leconfield Trip Update.

We need to be in the base for 6pm, which means arriving there before six, because it is MOD property and the cars may be searched, so you may wish to empty some of that stuff out of the boot before you go!

I shall be setting off from the hut at 5.15pm at the latest, so either meet there or make your own way, it’s up to you. This is a link to a map

The postcode for SatNav is HU17 7LX, but neither of these will take you to the MAIN GATE which is where you should go. If in doubt follow signs to Normandy Barracks, Main Gate.

Please remember that this is a CUB PACK trip and Cubs remain under the instruction, supervision and responsibility of the Leaders whilst on the Base. Please stay together and DO NOT wander off or try to leave alone. Cubs MUST wear uniform. Photographs will be allowed.

Big smiles all around are guaranteed, so see you all there!

John, Babs, Katie and Tom.