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Scouts Term Plan

Spring Term 2011





10.01 Planning All
17.01 Finish Navigator Torches, Coats. No Deb Ken / Pete
24.01 Xmas Party Stuff to bring All
31.01 Photographer No Ken Deb
07.02 Photographer No Deb Ken
14.02 Photographer Pete
21.02 HALF TERM No Meeting
28.02 Planning and Games No Deb All
07.03 Ice Skating May not be Monday Pete
14.03 Mechanics No Pete All
21.03 Mechanics No Deb, ?No Pete Ken
28.03 Mechanics Pete
04.04 T.B.C.
09.04 – 10.04 Hike and Sleepover PROVISIONAL DATE Pete / All
11.04 Games All

Scout Christmas Party (Late!)

Scouts,  as a reminder for next week (24.01.11) we are having our 2010 Xmas Party.  Party clothes are encouraged.

As discussed please can you bring the items you volunteered to bring:


Cake – Pete

Crisps – Sam

Coke – Tom V

Sausages, Pineapple, Cheese sticks – Jake (& Ken)

Party Rings (whatever they are!) – Katie S

Sausage Rolls – Chris

Buns – Alex

Cheese Sandwiches – Katie H

Biscuits – Tom R

Sandwiches – Rose

Lemonade – Jack

Pickled Onions – Katie S (large), Pete (Small)

Chris volunteered to make a pin the beard on the Santa Game

Jake is going to bring his iPlod for some music,

Sounds like we have a plan!

A big thank you to all of you who supported our Xmas bag pack fundraiser at Tesco in Hull on the last weekend before Xmas.  We raised a staggering £760!

Pictured are the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts who did all the hard work, but a special thank you must also go to the Parents who gave their support to make it all possible.  Please do try and support our fundraising activities, we cannot run the Group without them, Subs do not cover the costs!

The group were presented with the proceeds by Hull St. Stephens Store manager Mark Collins.

A big thank you to him and Tesco for not only allowing us into the Store, but also providing us with a Lunch as well.